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Netflix To Begin Exclusive Streaming Of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars And Pixar

by Lwazi May 25 2016, 13:09 Business Techh - Streaming Services

In a blog post on its official site, Netflix revealed the seeds it planted back in 2012 will finally come to fruition later this year. Starting in September,...

Supreme Marketing Inc, Above and Beyond Perfect Campaign Awareness

by Lwazi March 9 2016, 13:36 Business Techh - Tech - Apps

Supreme Marketing Inc, a service marketing company based at NWU Vaal introduced a Entrepreneurship Awareness Program among the University Students. Dr...

Barclays Africa may already have a willing buyer

by Lwazi March 5 2016, 10:15 Wealth Market Share - Economy

Barclays may already have a willing bidder for Barclays Africa’s assets outside of South Africa. This is according to a report in the Financial Times and...

Disinvestment shock: Barclays to sell R120bn Absa, announcement on Tuesday

by Lwazi March 5 2016, 10:06 Wealth Market Share - Economy

Two days after Nenegate, we reported that the UK’s largest retail bank Barclays Plc had decided to offload its R120bn South African subsidiary Absa. That...

New York Judge Rules US Can't Force Apple to Help Unlock an iPhone

by Lwazi March 2 2016, 13:34 Business Techh - Tech

On the eve of a Congressional hearing about the Department of Justice’s fight with Apple over a locked iPhone, a Brooklyn judge has ruled that the DOJ...

Apple's Stock Just Rose Above $100

by Lwazi March 2 2016, 13:26 Business Techh - Tech - Wealth Market Share

But it’s still below its high of $134. In the middle of a congressional hearing against the FBI, Apple’s stock rose $100 and stayed there after straggling...

Apple Is Right on Encryption

by Lwazi March 2 2016, 13:25 Business Techh - Tech

The Apple encryption conflict has turned nasty, as the Obama Administration, most Republicans and public opinion turn against the tech company. But, lo,...

Instagram Beats Twitter in Another Key Area

by Lwazi March 2 2016, 13:22 Business Techh - Tech

To say the narrative has changed for Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is an understatement. Earlier, the microblogging site was compared to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) in...

Oculus Rift founder: 'Facebook as we know it is not the future of virtual reality'

by Lwazi March 2 2016, 13:19 Business Techh - Tech

Palmer Luckey has been waiting for this year his whole life. As a teenager, he collected obsolete virtual reality headsets from the original VR boom of...

Facebook Reactions are a gift to advertisers and law enforcement alike

by Lwazi March 2 2016, 13:15 Business Techh - Tech

Facebook’s new “Reactions” – a thumbs-up, a heart and four faces with expressions ranging from mirth to shock, sadness and anger – are intended to help...

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